Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal for men

Many men are undergoing laser hair removal for unwanted hair. Laser hair removal can treat and cure excessive hair growth on the neck, jawline, chest, back and shoulders, saving time, effort, pain and money with waxing, shaving and creams. A commonly requested area for hair removal in men is the neck and beard area. Laser can reshape the jawline and beard line, and remove unwanted hair in these areas, providing a permanent cure for painful ingrown hairs.

Important facts

  • Almost all hair-bearing areas of the body can be safely treated with laser
  • The most common areas for hair removal in men include the chest, back, shoulders, beard and neck areas
  • Male hair is more persistent and stubborn to remove than in females
  • Correct methods and state-of-the-art lasers will dramatically reduce the amount of sessions required for hair reduction
  • Laser is preferred to IPL for hair removal in males because it works better and is more efficient in removing stubborn hairs

Hair removal services

Chest - before &after

Chest – before &after

Back - before & after

Back – before & after

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly treated areas in men?
The beard, neck and face areas are the most commonly treated sites. These are areas where ingrown hairs, shaving bumps and rashes occur. Other commonly requested sites include the back, chest and shoulders.
Can laser treatment cure shaving bumps and rashes?
Shaving rashes and bumps can be due to ingrown hairs, a medical condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae. This condition is due to hairs growing in an abnormal angle to the skin, forming acne like bumps on the neck, chin and face. This makes shaving painful and messy. Ingrown hair occurs when hair grows under the skin’s surface leading to itchy and painful bumps and lumps. Waxing, shaving and plucking hair can lead to infection of the hair follicle and ingrown hair. Laser hair removal is the best treatment for ingrown hair, and can permanently cure this condition.
How many laser sessions will I need to remove hair?
Males will often require more sessions than females for hair removal due to the increased density of hair, secondary to male hormones. As a guide 5-10 treatments are required for optimal results. Some patients will benefit from a top up one or twice a year.
Why is laser removal of male hair more challenging than female hair?
Due to the male hormone testosterone men have thicker, more wiry hair that grows faster compared to female hairs. This makes laser hair removal more challenging as more energy is required to target and destroy the hair follicle. In most cases, males will require an additional one or two more treatments than females to remove hair in similar sites.
What other areas on the body can be treated with laser hair removal?
Almost all hair-bearing areas of the body can be treated with laser, however in males the most commonly requested areas include the neck, back, shoulder, chest, and neck. Remember, when treating areas such as the shoulders, chest, and back, blending in treated and untreated areas is very important to achieve a natural look, without sharp demarcations.
Can laser hair removal be used on eyebrows?
Yes, this can be a permanent solution to plucking and shaving the eyebrow area. Using the latest in laser technology, mono-eyebrow treatment takes less than 3 seconds to perform, and is almost pain free. A permanent solution for a common condition!
How much does laser hair removal cost?
The overall cost of laser hair removal is much cheaper than you would think, as once the process is complete; you only require one or two touch up sessions a year. Laser treatment can permanently eliminate waxing and creams.