Spray Tanning

Organic Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a method of using a hand-held spray gun to mist color over the body to achieve an even color. It is fast and efficient and tans your body 360 degrees vs just the front and back like in a spray tanning booth.

Mobile Tanning Sessions

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience for your spray tanning experience, then mobile spray tanning sessions are for you. Whether you have a small group of girlfriends or a bridal party of 10 or more, I can accommodate your spray tanning needs. Mobile tanning parties are perfect for ladies’ nights or in preparation for a walk down the aisle.

Mobile sessions take approximately 30-45 minutes total for groups of 3, with 5-10 minutes more for each additional person. All I need is an 8×8 foot area and access to an electrical outlet. It is recommended that this be in a kitchen, garage, or other non-carpeted area for ease of clean up. I will bring ground cover for under the tent as well as the bottom of the tent so that you don’t have to worry about your floors, and all of the solution will remain inside the tanning tent.

Spray tanning: before/after


I also recommend that you have dark towels or sheets to cover any fabric furniture when you are sitting down until after you have showered the solution off.

Plan to wear loose dark fitting items to keep your tan from developing unevenly. You can read more about what to do to prepare for your session below.

You will receive a personalized tanning solution customized to your skin tone and colour. Unlike spray tanning booths, your tan is applied 360 degrees, with special care given to the unique contours of your body.

You can be confident you’re going to get the best spray tan of your life!

Perfect for special events, vacations, or when you just want a hint of color.

Spraying in tent
This is my machine


$50 per person, single tan
$40 per person, groups of 2-4
$35 per person, groups of 5+

Spray Tanning Tips

Please follow these guidelines on how to prepare your skin for the optimal tanning experience. Post tan instructions will be given to you after your appointment. Average length of your tan is between 7-12 days and depends on how well you prepare for and maintain the spray tan.

Preparing for your tan

Spray tanning is not an exact science and a while the utmost care is given to your application process, how you prepare your skin before the appointment will greatly impact how the tan develops and how well it lasts. You will be sent an additional copy with more in-depth information once you schedule your appointment, but here are some general guidelines on how to prepare.

24 hours prior to your spray tan

  • Shave or use depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing should be done 48 hour prior.
  • Exfoliate your entire body
  • Pack your spray tanning bag: hair tie, black swimsuit or underwear if you are wearing something to tan in, dark loose fitting clothing, dark flip flops, an umbrella (in case of bad weather), and a large black towel to place over the seat of your car to avoid staining. (If you are tanning at home, you’ll want to cover any fabric furniture until after you’ve showered.)
  • Shower, but do not apply body oils or moisturizer to skin (unless you have very dry skin)
  • Have loose dark clothing for after your tanning appointment to avoid excess contact or staining your clothing after your spray tan.

General Information and Expectations

How does spray tanning work?
Spray tans work by dyeing the topmost layer of dead skin cells on your body a brownish/tan color. It is a chemical process involving DHA, which is derived from sugar. The solution is sprayed onto your skin during your appointment and allowed to dry. Then, you’ll get dressed and carry on with your day or evening. After about 8 hours for a traditional tanning solution or 3-6 hours for a rapid tanning solution, you’ll shower. This will neutralize the DHA and stop the tanning process. The tanning solution contains a cosmetic bronzer to allow the technician to see where it has been sprayed for an even application. When you shower, this solution will rinse off the surface of your skin, and you’ll be left with the tanned color left behind. As the tanned skin cells on the surface of your skin naturally fall off, the color will gradually fade until you are left with your natural skin color.
Will it stain my clothes?
The tanning solution itself can cause some staining to light colored fabrics from the cosmetic bronzer in it. Once you have showered the bronzer off, the only thing left is the dyed skin cells attached to your body. These will not melt, sweat, or drip off onto your clothing cause staining. Horror stories are from those individuals who wore the tanning solution under wet conditions with light colored clothing. Dead skin cells will wash out of clothing with normal laundering just like they do when you don’t have a tan.
How long with the color last?
Every person is different, but you can expect approximately 7-12 days of color from your spray tan if you prepare your skin properly and take care of your tan after the appointment. Exfoliating patches of dead skin from the surface will aid in an even application, and avoiding long soaks in water as well as high amounts of friction with the skin will keep the tan from prematurely fading. Keeping the skin hydrated, especially with a lotion that contains small amounts of DHA will also extend the life of your spray tan.
How dark will I get?
Again, every person is different and can expect a slightly different result from the same chemical formula as another. However, there are varying strengths and general color results from each solution used. When you have your tanning appointment, we will discuss your individual needs and custom blend a solution that will help you achieve the desired color result. All formulas are recorded on your chart so that at your next appointment if you want to go lighter or darker, we can adjust the formula to your liking. It is highly recommended that brides get a trial appointment done no less than 2 weeks before the wedding to make any necessary adjustments to the color formula prior to the wedding day.

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